a waltz.


Today as I was walking along the streets of Vancouver, our new city in life, I remembered a time not too long ago where we walked hand in hand along the river banks in Lyon, France. It as a beautiful moment where we knew that our life was changing in the near future, but holding your hand I felt safe and secure with you by my side.

The next day we photographed a wedding. As the evening came to an end they played a song that had the beat of the waltz. We grabbed each other’s hand and moved towards the dance floor. There in each other’s arms we swept along the dance floor, fluidly while laughing over our small mistakes. But being there I felt such a magnitude of love and gratitue towards you and the life we were living. I never wanted that moment to end.

I remembered that moment, because today I heard a song that had the beat of the waltz, and it brought me back to you and the love and devotion we hold for each other. The days where we’re fluid together and the days where we trip over our mistakes.

I wanted to let you know, that I think of you, every time I hear a waltz.

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