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Packing our Style

We’re beginning the discussions as to what to bring with us, what to keep aside for people to bring later, and what to leave behind all together. We’re not too sure what our accommodations will be after the first week when we arrive so we’re trying to bring the necessary items but also things that will make our space feel like home. Our most recent discussion was what shoes I’m bringing. I have more then enough pairs to wear to be able to wear a different pair every day of the week, but we all know that doesn’t happen.

I decided to dump the box that my shoes have been stored in for the past 4 months to have a look at them and really decide which ones to bring with me. I have quite a few of high heels, but I haven’t been wearing them much as of late, and not being quite sure what the style is like in Holland and around Europe I’m wondering if I should bring any at all. I know a few that will be coming with me for sure, but trying to decide which ones to leave behind all together is hard.

To help me decide, I took photos of my shoes, which ones would you bring?!

My friend Rachel says to bring all my shoes, I’m almost leaning towards her advice. -L