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a waltz.


Today as I was walking along the streets of Vancouver, our new city in life, I remembered a time not too long ago where we walked hand in hand along the river banks in Lyon, France. It as a beautiful moment where we knew that our life was changing in the near future, but holding your hand I felt safe and secure with you by my side.

The next day we photographed a wedding. As the evening came to an end they played a song that had the beat of the waltz. We grabbed each other’s hand and moved towards the dance floor. There in each other’s arms we swept along the dance floor, fluidly while laughing over our small mistakes. But being there I felt such a magnitude of love and gratitue towards you and the life we were living. I never wanted that moment to end.

I remembered that moment, because today I heard a song that had the beat of the waltz, and it brought me back to you and the love and devotion we hold for each other. The days where we’re fluid together and the days where we trip over our mistakes.

I wanted to let you know, that I think of you, every time I hear a waltz.

Window panes and a cup of coffee.

Another cup, this time in a glossy white ceramic cup with milky coloured liquid and beautiful crema, hot and steaming sits in front of me. The light from the old paned window reflects off the ceramic, and in the shadow sits a small round piece of dark chocolate with raisin, hazelnut, and an almond on top. The perfect amount of sugar to go along with my afternoon coffee. I love this moment, to sip and savour, to stop and reflect. My mind and my soul needs it to feel fresh, inspired.

I take a sip of my coffee and a nibble from my chocolate, and I start to dream. I’m always dreaming, always planning, creating goals for myself. I drift away in my thoughts, enjoying the taste off coffee on my lips. I go through my dreams and smile when I realize that some have come true, checked off in some way. What an encouraging feeling, that whenever I put my mind to something, and I work hard, determined, I see the fruits of my labour. I take another sip, and know that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

I put the glossy ceramic mug back in it’s place; on the saucer. I pull out my purple notebook, so new but nearly full, filled with so many words and paragraphs making up such a short time in my life. I put my favourite pen to paper and start writing. Details, beautiful details of our days together. Of meeting new friends from all over the world. Of gathering these new friends close to us and throwing a dinner party where we cook a beautiful juicy salmon seasoned to perfection, oven roasted garlic potatoes, and a creme balsamic salad. Where the red wine kept on pouring and we shared stories, experiences, and lots of laughter. Each in different accents, a reminder of our heritage.

I write some more, listing more goals and dreams that I’d like to see come true, while the last drip of my coffee sits at the bottom of the polished cup. The last bite of my chocolate, fully enjoyed. Finally I feel like my list is complete, for now, and stash my notebook back in my purse along with my pen. I finish off the last of my coffee, button up my grey coat and pay for my afternoon treat. Energized, fresh, and inspired I push the door open to the spring air feeling ready to make more dreams and goals come true.

What happened two weeks ago.

It’s the in between moment. The moment between the coming and the going, when you lay everything on the table, when you stop talking and you start listening. To your heart. To your soul. That you feel a joy unspeakable. Sometimes it lasts a second, sometimes it lasts all day.

And that is the moment that was experienced two weeks ago. A high that is hard to replicate, but is imprinted on you forever.

I was filing my notebook with words, one after another. I wrote with no agenda, no commitment, other then letting everything just flow, when suddenly in the midst of all the letters and lines, it was there. On paper, out loud. I swallowed hard, scared by the words that just poured out of me, but a feeling of peace like never before. I quickly transferred what I wrote onto my iPhone and pressed send, I then held my breath waiting for Adam’s response. I was anticipating a no, or you’re crazy, even a “why now, you said it wasn’t for you”. And he would be right if he said it. Chimes, the sound of an email in my inbox, I grab my phone and press the little envelope. His answer, simple. ‘Yes’.

I’m so excited, I can hardly contain it. My hands are shaking, I fear it’s from too much coffee. I write more, everything almost looks like scribbles from writing so fast. I right down why, how, what, every detail I can think of. Then I write: ‘When the desires of your heart align with what you were created to do, God has a way of blessing you’. And I smile, knowing that he was waiting for that in between moment. When I stopped talking and began to listen.

WHY: To encourage couples to profess their love for one another. To hold strong to their beliefs, to not settle for mediocre, and to build a life full of adventure. WHAT: We’re Lesley + Adam, International Wedding Photographers, that want to capture that profession, that adventurous life, all while you’re dressed in fashionable attire!

In less then 2 weeks, that idea, desire, has already become a reality! We booked our first wedding for the end May, in Belgium!