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fresh lemon & basil.

The day has been long, spent going over photos of a beautiful wedding, business plans, and marketing. My mind is tired. I decide to leave my desk for some fresh air and in search of inspiration. I walk leisurely to the grocers to pick up items for dinner. Fresh zucchini and tomatoes – ripe and vibrant. Bright yellow lemons where the aroma is a light citrus and revitalizing. A white seabass ready to be prepared and a fresh basil plant. I bring my goods home and am excited to cook for my love.

The basil fills our home with the smell of earth and herbs. Mixed with the freshly squeezed lemon, our kitchen is intoxicating. He comes home and opens a bottle of chilled Pino Grigio and we toast to each other. We take our meal to our white table, and the first bite is warm, fresh, and spicy – perfect! He is proud of me and my work. He loves it when I prepare meals for him and I enjoy his admiration. After resting on the couch and the chatter of our day has decreased we separate to work at our separate desks. We stay there until the sun dips low below the horizon, and with eyes too tired to keep open any longer we fall into bed together, wrapped two into one.

Welcoming new friends.

A skirt with stripes, of gray black and white. Thick black knee high socks, and white pearls in my ears. He wore a casual gray dress shirt, and I giggled that we were matching, again. The light in the kitchen was soft as the evening sun made it’s way towards the horizon, and the soundtrack to our evening, French pop music, played in the background. I set the table with our beautiful white Maxwell Williams dishes, dark gray and white polka dot napkins, and 2 yellow tulips to make us smile.

The house ready and smelling of tulips, roses, and ranunculus our dinner guests arrive, a photographer and her love. We are greeted with 3 kisses on the cheek, a bouquet of tulips wrapped in paper, and a bottle of red wine from South Africa. Our conversation is smooth and easy while the wine poured and we snack on fresh cheeses from the market. In between discussions of music they talk in German, and I love how we’re surrounded by people with a story! We sit down to enjoy a meal of spinach and green garlic soup with dollops of crème fraiche, it’s a beautiful sight of green and white! Our plates are filled with roasted cauliflower drizzled in olive oil and capers, and then a shiitake mushroom mozzarella dish sprinkled with thyme. It’s devoured and enjoyed amongst conversation of travel, business, languages, and inspiration.

The night passes away so quickly that we sadly have to say goodnight. We see them off with with plans to meet again, soon, and the two of us head back to the kitchen. The one incandescent light casts our shadows across the white counter top as we wash the dishes together. He washes, I dry. We talk of the wonderful evening we had, and how we love meeting new people who feel like old friends. As the last dish is put away, he turns to me and kisses me, then sweeps me away filled with love and laughter.