and then we moved.

In the course of when June gave way to July we ran our fingers over every inch of our apartment emptying cupboards, selling furniture, and packing boxes with the few possessions that we travel around the world with. In the evenings we’d meet up with friends and hug them saying we’d see them again, but mostly we’d pour a bottle of wine between the two of us and reflect on the time we had living in Europe. We’d sit across from each other, with me wrapped in a blanket to keep me warm in the summer evening, and say ” Remember when, or remember that time when we…” Over and over we’d bring up precious memories of travels, experiences, or moments that are now apart of a beautiful season of living abroad.

And then the time came where we sold the last of our furniture and we spent the last remaning days having picnics on our living room floor instead of a dinning room table, sent our belongings on a container headed for our next home, and then handed over the keys and walked hand in hand with a few suitcases trailing behind us.

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